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Princeton University

Since 1746, a vibrant community of learning that endeavors to fulfill its informal motto, "in the nation's service and the service of humanity."

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For each Princeton class, we bring together a varied mix of high-achieving, intellectually gifted students from diverse backgrounds to create an exceptional learning community. Our need-based financial aid program is recognized as one of the most generous in the country, making it possible for students to graduate without debt.

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Princeton Alumni

Stay connected with and be inspired by fellow alumni from every generation in every corner of the globe. Find local and campus-based events, read alumni news and features and discover opportunities to give back.

Africa with an orange chevron stripe in it

Africa World Initiative

Africa World is a transdisciplinary space in Princeton established to harness and optimize University initiatives focused on Africa, and ensure a multiway exchange with stakeholders on the African continent.

a green square with a blue corner and an orange semi circle

Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment

The Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment at Princeton University is a multidisciplinary research and education center, whose mission is to develop technologies and solutions to secure our energy and environmental future.

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Connect with Princeton Athletics, teams, coaches and offices on social media. 


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Bendheim Center for Finance

The Center provides a fertile ground for cutting-edge research at the intersection between finance, monetary economics, and macroeconomics, with a special emphasis on financial frictions, behavioral finance, and financial econometrics.

An orange star with soft edges and a circle in between two of its points

Brazil LAB

Spearheaded by PIIRS and in synergy with various departments, programs and initiatives, the LAB | Luso-Afro-Brazilian Studies | is a multi-disciplinary research and teaching hub for exploring the country’s history, politics and culture, along with its regional significance and international connections.

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Campus Dining

We bring together expertise in culinary arts, wellness, sustainability, procurement and hospitality to develop innovative programs in support of our diverse and vibrant community.


Princeton shield

Campus Life

Campus Life creates an engaging environment that inspires students to realize their full potential through self-discovery, connection to community, meaningful work, a love of learning, and a life of purpose. 


The letter P. The words "campus rec"

Campus Rec

Campus Recreation engages the Princeton University community in co-curricular experiences to inspire lifelong health and well-being. We provide a variety of recreation opportunities to students, faculty and staff, including Dillon Gym, Stephens Fitness Center, outdoor facilities, intramural sports, group fitness, sport clubs, personal training, self-organized activities, and fun events like Clash of the Colleges, Dodgeball Tournament, Tiger Trot 5k Walk/Run, Bingo Nights and more!

The words "Carl A. Fields Center for Equality and Cultural Understanding"

Carl A. Fields Center for Equality and Cultural Understanding

The Fields Center provides training, social and cultural programs and educational opportunities that prepare students and others to succeed in a diverse and ever-changing world.


Blue and orange compass

Center for Career Development

The Center for Career Development empowers students to develop the insights, experience and connections to pursue personally meaningful careers throughout their lives.


The Center for Digital Humanities @Princeton in a box surrounded by blue light

Center for Digital Humanities at Princeton

The Center for Digital Humanities (CDH) is an interdisciplinary research center devoted to building knowledge infrastructures for the use of digital evidence, fostering communities of practice across disciplines and professions, and modeling critical approaches to the role of data and technology in research and daily life. Our team consists of developers, designers, scholars, writers, and teachers.

Orange Background with white letters saying Center for Health and Wellbeing

Center for Health and Wellbeing

The Center for Health and Wellbeing (CHW) fosters research and teaching on the multiple aspects of health and wellbeing in both developed and developing countries. 

Two arrows pointing forward

Center for Information Technology Policy

The Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton University is a nexus of expertise in technology, engineering, public policy, and the social sciences.

The letters CJL and a star of David

Center for Jewish Life — Hillel at Princeton University

The CJL is a home for Jewish students and those exploring their Jewish identity at Princeton offering a variety of activities ranging from social, educational and recreational to weekly Shabbat dinners.

Half of the Princeton shield with a wave in the middle

Center for Statistics and Machine Learning

Created in response to a growing interest in data science, the Center for Statistics and Machine Learning launches and develops courses, workshops, and other programs all with the aim of deepening the roots of data science in disciplines across campus. Our center’s efforts are pushed forward through our collaborative and interdisciplinary spirit.

A Labrador retriever wearing a collar with a pendant representing the Department of Public Safety

Coach, the DPS Therapy Dog

Coach is Labrador Retriever who is a member of the Department of Public Safety. Coach’s job is to provide comfort and affection to the Princeton University community and Public Safety employees.  Coach is graduate of Puppies Behind Bars, an organization that trains prison inmates to raise service dogs.

A circle cut up into 6 sections, each featuring a different kind of environment - hurricane, icebergs, lightning, ocean, smog, desert. In the middle is the earth.

Cooperative Institute for Modeling the Earth System

The Cooperative Institute for Modeling the Earth System (CIMES) fosters research collaborations between Princeton University and the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL) of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The work of CIMES is carried out by the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (AOS) Program, an independent program in the Department of Geosciences. CIMES has contributed to the development of oceanic and atmospheric models, performed research on climate and biogeochemical cycling and educated several generations of postdoctoral researchers, graduate students, and interns.

A black Chevron facing the right on an orange background

Corporate Engagement & Foundation Relations

Princeton University partners with industry, foundations, nonprofits, and government on individual, multi-investigator, and cross sector research projects and initiatives. Our team of strategic research partnership specialists work with Princeton researchers and external partners to advance research collaborations.

A pinwheel and the letters "CST"

Council on Science and Technology

The Council on Science and Technology (CST) is comprised of dedicated faculty and staff who work to advance STEM literacy across Princeton University and beyond through rigorous course development, creative interdisciplinary programming, and robust educational research. 

A Princeton shield tilted on its side to look like a globe

Davis International Center

The Davis International Center offers specialized support for international students and scholars at Princeton University.


Intertwining diamonds and squares

Department of African American Studies

The Department of African American Studies aims to expand and deepen a student's understanding of the complex interplay between political, economic, and cultural forces that shape our understanding of the historic achievements and struggles of African-descended people in this country and their relation to others around the world. 

the letter A on its side

Department of Anthropology

The Department of Anthropology takes an interpretive approach to the study of culture - an approach that requires intensive ethnographic fieldwork, deep engagement with critical social theories, and historical analysis.

Department of Art and Archeology's social media avatar

Department of Art and Archaeology

The Department of Art and Archaeology at Princeton University has long been a leading center for the study of art, architecture, and archaeology.

The word Princeton; above the e is a Princeton sheild. The "E" in Princeton is bolded. Underneath it reads "Chemical and Biological Engineering"

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Developing the next generation of leaders and defining the frontiers of knowledge in chemical and biological engineering. Topics include biochemical and biomedical engineering, environmental and energy science and technology, materials science and engineering, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, applied and computational mathematics, and catalysis and surface science. Part of Princeton Engineering and #PrincetonU, in the nation's service and in the service of humanity.

Two blue bubbles and an orange bubble with a black V to connect them

Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry is home to 26 faculty members and a robust graduate program with research in six subfields: catalysis/synthesis, chemical biology, inorganic chemistry, materials, spectroscopy/physical chemistry, and theoretical chemistry.

The outside facade of East Pyne. The words "Princeton Classics"

Department of Classics

The Department of Classics is dedicated to studying the history, language, literature, thought, and reception of the ancient Mediterranean world.


Princeton shield grayed out with the letters C and S

Department of Computer Science

Our department is home to 47 tenure-track and 13 teaching faculty, with strong groups in theory, networks/systems, graphics/vision, architecture/compilers, programming languages, security/policy, machine learning, and computational biology.

The letter P, underlined, with the letter E underneath it

Department of Economics

The Economics Department at Princeton is dedicated to inspiring and training the next generation of academics and government and industry leaders.

The word Princeton; above the e is a Princeton sheild. The "E" in Princeton is bolded. Underneath it reads "Electrical and Computer Engineering"

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Princeton University's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering welcomes those dedicated to advancing technology in the service of humanity. With a focus on mentorship of the highest quality, our faculty engage in first-rate teaching and research in a wide range of disciplines that have a common location: where information meets the physical world.

horizontal and vertical stripes in orange, blue, and grey

Department of English

A passion for works of the imagination and for thinking about what they mean and the difference they make in the world.


The letter F, an ampersand, and the letters I and T

Department of French & Italian

The Department of French & Italian offers dynamic interdisciplinary undergraduate courses, progressive language instruction in both French and Italian, and a top-rated graduate program in French. A diverse and friendly department, FIT faculty and students share a love of French and Italian cultures and a passion to excel in understanding them.

A sabertooth tiger surrounded by an orange circle that reads "Princeton Geosciences"

Department of Geosciences 

Geology, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geobiology, Paleontology, Climate Science, and Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

A set of doors with the Princeton shield above it. The words "Department of History, Princeton University"

Department of History

Our department specializes in subfields from all over the world, late antiquity to the present.



Double helix with orange and grey dots

Department of Molecular Biology

The Department of Molecular Biology is the core of the life sciences at Princeton. We are a world-class faculty with diverse research interests spanning molecular, cell, and systems biology, and we study organisms ranging from viruses, bacteria and yeast to worms, flies, fish, mice, and humans.


The letter M with lines representing a music staff through it

Department of Music 

Princeton’s Department of Music is at the epicenter of a musical culture that is broad and deep, reaching from edge to edge of the campus, from the classroom to the concert hall, and from faculty-led groups to those run exclusively by students.


Department of Physics social media avatar

Department of Physics

Where faculty and students engage in theoretical and experimental research.


A box with a checkmark and the words Princeton Politics

Department of Politics

Princeton Politics, where students learn from leading scholars, is one of the largest and most intellectually diverse political science programs in the world.


Princeton shield shaped like a badge with rays coming out of it

Department of Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety is the primary department at the University charged with creating a safe and secure environment, consisting of professional University police and security officers dedicated to providing best-in-class service to the community


The letter R in an orange and black shield

Department of Religion

Religion Department is a field within the Humanities, the academic study of religion offers indispensable insight into a significant realm of human experience and expression.


S and P

Department of Spanish and Portuguese

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese offers a liberal arts major in Spanish and/or Portuguese designed to give students a thorough grounding in the language, literature, and cultures. 

Six books written by Effron Center affiliated faculty

Effron Center for the Study of America

The Effron Center for the Study of America at Princeton University aims to understand America in the world and how the world lives in America.

The Princeton shield next to an ampersand. The words "Emma Bloomberg Center for Access and Opportunity, Princeton University"

Emma Bloomberg Center for Access and Opportunity

The Emma Bloomberg Center at Princeton for Access and Opportunity supports and empowers students to, through, and beyond college.

Environmental Helath and Safety with a leaf, hardhat and beaker

Environmental Health & Safety

The Princeton University Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) provides leadership, technical support, information and training, consultation, and periodic audits of environmental, health and safety practices and regulatory compliance.

Princeton shield with no words


We Design, Build & Maintain. The Facilities Organization supports the University's educational mission by stewarding the University’s campus in a sustainable way to create an environment of exceptional quality where learning and research thrive.


three tigers in a shield

Forbes College

Forbes is a living and learning community that houses approximately 500 undergraduate students in singles, doubles and triples. First-years are assigned roommates, and live in what are known as advisee, or zee, groups of about 15 first-year students. Each zee group is advised by a Residential College Adviser—a junior or senior student who has been selected and trained to be an informative mentor, as well as someone who enforces basic community standards. Sophomores , Juniors, and Seniors are housed throughout the college, and are also served by the RCA’s, but in a much less formal capacity.  A Residential Life Coordinator and Resident Graduate Students in Forbes also provide support and community engagement to Forbes residents though out the academic year. 

Two orange arches with their peaks facing each other

Freshman Seminar Program

Open only to members of the first-year class, the FRS program is designed to give students an early opportunity to experience the excitement of working closely with an instructor and a small group of fellow students on a topic of special interest. Those topics span an extraordinary range and are taught by some of the University's most esteemed instructors.

A shield with a red x in the middle

The Gender + Sexuality Resource Center

The Gender + Sexuality Resource Center provides campus wide programming, community building, and connections to resources relating to gender and sexuality.


The words "German Department Princeton"

German Department

The Princeton German Department explores the language, literatures, intellectual history, arts and media of Germany and German-speaking cultures from the Middle Ages to the present

A grey star against an orange star


GradFUTURES® is a campus-wide professional development initiative to empower graduate students with the professional competencies and connections they need to chart their future with clarity and confidence. We define professional development as the systematic learning and acquisition of skills and competencies that will support scholarly and research goals while preparing graduate students for professional success in diverse roles within the academic, public, and private sectors.

The Graduate School shield

The Graduate School

The Graduate School focuses on and sustains excellence in graduate education across disciplines and emphasizes original and independent scholarship.



The Graduate School Shield, featuring two tigers, above the words "Access, Diversity, & Inclusion. The Graduate School. Princeton University."

The Graduate School — Access, Diversity, and Inclusion

The Graduate School’s Access, Diversity, and Inclusion (ADI) team identifies, attracts, and develops the most promising individuals from as many segments of society as possible.  To that end, ADI aspires to be a truly inclusive community in which individuals of every nationality, religion, gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, political viewpoint, socioeconomic status, and veteran status can flourish.



The Princeton shield and the words "The Griswold Center for Economic Policy Studies"

The Griswold Center for Economic Policy Studies

The Benjamin H. Griswold III, Class of 1933, Center for Economic Policy Studies at Princeton University, formerly known as the Center for Economic Policy Studies (CEPS), was founded by Alan S. Blinder in 1989 to support policy-related research in the Department of Economics, and to foster communication among members of the academic, business, and government communities.  For more information, visit


The words "HPA: Health Professions Advising Princeton University" with an open book and Caduceus

Health Professions Advising

Health Professions Advising offers guidance and resources to aspiring doctors, dentists, veterinarians and others who seek careers in the health professions.


An orange circle the lines in it to make an H, E, and I

High Meadows Environmental Institute

HMEI is Princeton University's interdisciplinary center for environmental research and education. Research carried out through HMEI advances understanding of the Earth as a complex system influenced by human activities, and informs solutions to local and global challenges by conducting groundbreaking research across disciplines and by preparing future leaders in diverse fields to impact a world increasingly shaped by climate change.

A drawing of blair arch and the Princeton shield

Housing and Real Estate Services

The Office of Housing and Real Estate Services provides a variety of services, resources and support to undergraduate and graduate students residing in on-campus housing. 


Three-quarters of a circle outline with a triangle in the northeast corner

I-Corps Northeast Hub

The I-Corps Northeast Hub helps researchers accelerate the economic impact of their federally funded research and provides entrepreneurship opportunities to researchers in an inclusive and welcoming environment.


James Madison Program social media avatar

James Madison Program

A program in  the Department of Politics, the James Madison Program is dedicated to exploring enduring questions of American constitutional law and Western political thought. 

A capital K and a capital C

Keller Center for Innovation in Engineering Education

The Keller Center at Princeton University creates societal impact through entrepreneurship, design and design thinking and innovative education.

An orange squirrel with black stripes

Lewis Center for the Arts

Princeton in the service of the imagination. Offering more than 150 courses each year in Creative Writing, Dance, Theater, Music Theater, Visual Arts and the Princeton Atelier, and presenting 100+ public events each year including readings, screenings, performances, exhibitions, lectures and more.

The Liechtenstein Coat of Arms, a globe, and the Princeton Shield above the words "Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination at Princeton University"

Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination

The Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination (LISD) supports teaching, research, events, and publications about self-determination in a globalizing world. The Institute interprets self-determination broadly, subsuming the promotion of self-government, sovereignty, security, diversity, human and democratic rights, group identity and cooperative international solutions among national, nonstate and international actors.

the Mathey College shield

Mathey College

The Mathey College community includes over 800 undergraduates, from first-year students to seniors. Approximately five hundred students, from all four classes (first-years through seniors) live in the college, sharing the college’s own dining and social facilities, study areas, computer clusters, and classrooms. They are supported by Residential College Advisers who are each responsible for a small group of advisees ("'zees") and joined by Peer Academic Advisers and Resident Graduate Students who provide additional mentorship and activities.

A globe with a focus on India

M.S. Chadha Center for Global India

The M.S. Chadha Center for Global India (CGI) seeks to address key interactions between India and the world that have potential to transform human and planetary wellbeing, and our imaginaries of the human experience. CGI advances disciplinary, interdisciplinary and comparative scholarship, innovative education programing and public engagement on the concept of global India. The center actively seeks to connect research and scholarship with policy and action in ways that are culturally- and historically-aware and appropriate to its mission.

The front of Murray Dodge Hall and the words "Muslim Life, Office of Religious Life"

Muslim Life Program

The Muslim Life Program is dedicated to building a vibrant and pluralistic community on Princeton University’s campus that is welcoming to all and fosters deeper exploration of faith, sacred knowledge, and social activism through fellowship and a wide variety of programs.

A tiger on top of blocks in a shield

New College West

Our community consists of nearly nine hundred undergraduates in all four years of study, including Residential College Advisers (RCAs) and  Peer Academic Advisers (PAAs).  Our community also includes the college staff, Residential Graduate Students (RGSs), faculty advisers, fellows, and colleagues from dining services and building services, among others.  All of our first- and second-year students live in the college; NCW juniors and seniors may choose to live in the college or in unaffiliated housing elsewhere on campus.


orange curved line and black curved line

Novogratz Bridge Year Program

The Novogratz Bridge Year Program allows incoming undergraduate students to begin their Princeton experience engaged in nine months of tuition-free, community-based global learning.

Letters OCE and the Princeton shield in pink and purple

Office of Campus Engagement

The Office of Campus Engagement creates shared experiences for all undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and staff to step away from their day-to-day and explore intriguing opportunities that promote connection and growth beyond the resume.

Two people holding hands over the shield

Office of Community and Regional Affairs

The Office of Community and Regional Affairs serves as the primary liaison between the University and the communities in which it resides on a wide variety of local and regional issues.


Office of the Dean for Research logo

Office of the Dean for Research

The Office of the Dean for Research supports Princeton University’s mission to be one of the world's leading research universities.

Office of the Dean for Undergraduate Studies

Office of the Dean for Undergraduate Students

The Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students provides resources, opportunities and experiences for undergraduates and the greater university community.


A white border of the Princeton shield and overlapping diamonds of different colors

Office of Diversity & Inclusion — Campus Life

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion-Campus Life is committed to supporting and challenging all undergraduate and graduate students by facilitating co-curricular experiences and learning about identity, inclusion, equity, and social justice education. We serve the campus community through education, advising and training, and university-wide programming.


A sun made of different colors

Office of International Programs

The Office of International Programs (OIP) is home to Fellowship Advising, the International Internship Program, the Novogratz Bridge Year Program, and the Study Abroad Program.

The letters "OIT" in the top part of the Princeton shield and then ones and zeros in the bottom part of the shield

Office of Information Technology

The Office of Information Technology is committed to technology support and innovation that enables Princeton to achieve its mission: to advance learning through scholarship, research, and teaching of unsurpassed quality.


Outline of Murray-Dodge

Office of Religious Life

The Office of Religious Life supports all members of the Princeton community, of any religious identity or of none, in answering for themselves their own questions of how to find meaning and how to live.

an outline of the state of New Jersey over an orange and black chevron

Office of State Affairs

The Office of State Affairs advocates on behalf of Princeton University to New Jersey state elected officials on issues that affect the University community.

Office of Sustainability social media avatar

Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability's mission is to cultivate an ethos of sustainability at Princeton that inspires action at all scales in service to humanity and the world.

Office of Undergrad Research

Office of Undergraduate Research

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) serves to inform, engage, connect, and support currently enrolled undergraduates on matters related to research at Princeton.



A cog inside of a circle with lines coming out of the cog

Omenn-Darling Bioengineering Institute

Interdisciplinary research on cellular, device and computational bioengineering.


9 boxes and the letters "ORFE"

Operations Research and Financial Engineering

Probability, statistics, optimization, operations research, financial mathematics, and machine learning, all in a single department.


The words "civic engagement"

Pace Center for Civic Engagement

The John H. Pace, Jr. '39 Center for Civic Engagement makes service and civic engagement a central part of the Princeton student experience so that undergraduate and graduate students can respond to the needs of the world in responsible ways.


The words "Paul and Marcia Wythes Center on Contemporary China" in a circle

Paul and Marcia Wythes Center on Contemporary China

Founded in 2015, the Paul and Marcia Wythes Center on Contemporary China at Princeton University advances the study of contemporary China and provides substantive analysis from social science perspectives of the dramatic sociological shifts taking place in China today.

The Princeton shield with the words "Poetry At Princeton" written over it and lightning bolts coming out of it

Poetry @ Princeton

Poetry@Princeton highlights Princeton’s current poetry community, storied poetic heritage, scholarly poetry collections, and poetry-related activities occurring on and around campus.


The letters P, A, W

Princeton Alumni Weekly

An editorially independent magazine by alumni for alumni since 1900.

The letters PCCM surrounded by orange hexagons

Princeton Center for Complex Materials

The Princeton Center for Complex Materials (PCCM) is a National Science Foundation supported Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC), dedicated to pushing the frontiers of complexity in materials science - bringing together over thirty faculty from six departments in the natural sciences and engineering.


Princeton Entrepreneurship Council's social media avatar

Princeton Entrepreneurship Council

Enabling Entrepreneurship the Princeton Way by working closely with students, faculty, alumni and existing campus organizations.

orange and black piggy bank

Princeton Financial Literacy Initiative

The goal of the Financial Literacy Initiative is to empower Princeton University students to cultivate financial wellness during their time at Princeton and beyond.


three orange diamonds in the shape of an arrow pointing to the right

Princeton Innovation

Princeton Innovation is a Princeton University campus-wide initiative that aims to benefit humanity through innovation and entrepreneurship

The world surrounded by people

Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies

PIIRS is Princeton University's interdisciplinary hub for research, learning and dialogue on global issues and intersecting world regions.

A globe with orange, black, and grey dots representing different regions and continents

Princeton International

Princeton International works to facilitate the global pursuits of the University community and tell stories about how those cross-border collaborations continually advance Princeton’s mission.


the Princeton shield

Princeton Journeys

Princeton Journeys is the educational travel program of Princeton University. Not simply vacations, Princeton Journeys programs are opportunities for alumni and friends of the University to engage in intellectual conversation and take advantage of the learning experiences inherent in travel.


The letters "PLi" in a blue diamond

Princeton Language+Intelligence

Princeton University initiative enhancing fundamental understanding of AI, enabling its use in academic disciplines, and examining AI's societal implications.



light beams coming from the corners and meeting in the middle

Princeton Materials Institute

The Princeton Institute of Materials is the center for materials science and education due to its unique integration of long-term, curiosity-driven research, high-impact innovation and engagement with industry.

PPPL's social media avatar

Princeton Plasma Physics Lab

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory is a U.S. Department of Energy national laboratory managed by Princeton University.

The Princeton shield with a DNA band in the middle of it


Princeton Precision Health

Princeton Precision Health is a cross-cutting initiative that uses AI and data science to transform human health at all levels: from molecular to social to environmental, with the goal of enacting smart policy and evidence-based clinical practice.


four columns next to each other within an orange circl

Princeton School of Public and International Affairs

Founded in 1930, the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs dedicates itself to integrating world-class scholarship and a commitment to service in order to make a positive difference in the world.

Princeton TTPS Social Media Avatar

Princeton Transportation & Parking

Princeton University’s Transportation and Parking Services, your one-stop shop for getting to and around Princeton's campus.


The words "Princeton University Art Museum"

Princeton University Art Museum

The Princeton University Art Museum is one of the leading university art museums in the world, with collections ranging from ancient to contemporary and spanning the globe. Follow us to explore art, events, scholarship, and latest news.

The letters P, U, and C

Princeton University Concerts

Through innovative programs presented in an intimate setting, PUC has been committed to making classical music accessible to all since 1894, presenting the world's greatest musicians.

Princeton University Libraries logo

Princeton University Library

We enrich teaching and learning, facilitate world-class research, and preserve knowledge and cultural heritage by providing dynamic services and diverse collections.

The Princeton Shield with the letters "PVC" written across the top

Princeton Varsity Club

The Princeton Varsity Club (PVC) implements and supports programming that provides all 38 varsity teams and 1,000 Princeton student-athletes opportunities to achieve, serve and lead, complementing the Department of Athletics’ mission of Education Through Athletics.


A compass with the star in the middle and triangles pointing outward on the outside

Program in African Studies

The Program in African Studies is a multidisciplinary forum that brings together students and faculty to learn about Africa — its peoples, environments and resources — by exploring cultural, historical, political, scientific and economic issues.

The letters GSS in orange chatboxes

Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies

Faculty and students in GSS are dedicated to the study of gender and sexuality in their complex articulations with race, ethnicity, class, disability, religion, nationality, and other intersections of identity, power, and politics.

A tiger's head with the words "Teacher prep Princeton University" around it

Program in Teacher Preparation

Teacher Prep prepares Princeton undergraduate and graduate students, as well as returning alumni for careers in teaching and other education related fields.


The RPDE logo which features line graphs and bar graphs in a large circle

Research Program in Development Economics

The Research Program in Development Economics (RPDE) at Princeton University carries out economics research on the causes and consequences of global poverty, with the goal of informing policy-making and thereby improving the lives of people living in low- and middle-income countries.


A shield with tiger heads

Rockefeller College

The mission of Rockefeller College is to foster an inclusive residential and intellectual community that welcomes students from diverse backgrounds, perspectives, nationalities, and identities.


The Princeton shield and the words "Princeton University School of Architecture"

School of Architecture

The School of Architecture, Princeton’s center for teaching and research in architectural design, history, and theory, offers an undergraduate major and advanced degrees at both the master’s and doctoral levels. 

The letter E in black

School of Engineering and Applied Science

At Princeton Engineering, we ensure students master the fundamental principles of engineering science, then prepare them to make their own contributions to their fields—all with the goal of solving problems of broad importance for society.

blue green and orange boxes with white leaf shapes

Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies

The Seeger Center at Princeton University is an interdisciplinary community for the study of the Greek world from antiquity to the present.


Mudd Library's social media avatar

Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library (Archives and Public Policy Papers)

Princeton University Library’s University Archives, located in Mudd Library, contain records created by University faculty, staff, and students. These records document University administration, the development of academic departments and programs, and student life.

The letters "SHARE" with a purple line going diagonally through the word

Sexual Harassment/Assault Advising, Resources and Education (SHARE)

The Sexual Harassment/Assault Advising, Resources and Education (SHARE) office is a survivor-centered,  trauma-informed confidential resource on campus for the Princeton University community. SHARE provides crisis response, support, short-term counseling, advocacy, education, and referral services to those who are dealing with incidents of interpersonal violence and abuse including sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, and stalking.

The Princeton Shield, an ampersand, and TSI: Emma Bloomberg Center, Princeton University

Transfer Scholars Initiative

The Transfer Scholars Initiative (TSI) is a summer program for community college students housed in the Emma Bloomberg Center for Access and Opportunity.

the words "Trenton Arts at Princeton"

Trenton Arts at Princeton

Trenton Arts at Princeton (TAP) is a collaboration between the Department of Music, Lewis Center for the Arts, and Pace Center for Civic Engagement. Our mission is to build a community of young artists across Trenton and Princeton University through student leadership and volunteer opportunities, youth programming, community performances, and more.

The words "UMatter, actively caring for yourself and others"

UMatter Initiative

An initiative by Princeton for Princeton, to give everyone the tools they need to create a safer and more caring community.


Shield of Whitman College

Whitman College

As a four-year college, Whitman houses and advises freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors. Resident graduate students, faculty fellows, and a dedicated college administrative staff are also part of this learning community.


Four Princeton employees with the Princeton shield layered on top

Working at Princeton

Managed by the Office of Human Resources, the Working at Princeton social media platforms engage current and prospective staff members and the broader community to convey the #WorkingAtPrinceton experience and how staff further Princeton's mission in a variety of impactful ways.

A tiger in a shield

Yeh College

At Yeh, the Residential College Advisers (RCAs) help students create vibrant residential communities, and work with Peer Academic Advisers (PAAs) who assist students and their Faculty Academic Advisers with course selection, choosing a major, balancing workload, and identifying academic resources. The College Council will be our central vehicle for student leadership, and a terrific group of Faculty, Staff and Community Fellows will take part in a range of college programs, including giving lunch talks, leading book group discussions or theater trips, and hosting language tables.